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Methcon is New Zealand's specialist drug awareness education company.

We provide expert advice and training to help businesses, government departments and community groups deal with the ever increasing effects of drug and alcohol abuse in the community.

Our programmes are based on real life experiences as former police officers, and provide a balanced and non-judgmental approach


Methcon Group Limited was founded in late 2005. The goal of the company was, and remains today to provide a more balanced approach to help eliminate what has become New Zealand’s worst ever drug problem, Methamphetamine (‘P’) together with other drugs such as Cannabis and alcohol.

Methcon Group Ltd remains the only organization of its kind and is a specialist drug awareness education provider, running methamphetamine and drug/alcohol awareness education programmes with companies, government departments and secondary schools throughout New Zealand.

Methcon Group is an award winning company and is a leading drug education provider recognized nationally and internationally, with over 150,000 course participants. We focus on “Harm Elimination” as opposed to “Harm Reduction” and believe that people are fully capable of making good decisions about alcohol and drugs so long as they are provided with the realities and facts about the short and long-term effects. We do not differentiate between legal and illicit substances; rather we focus on the health effects. The legal standing of a substance is irrelevant in our opinion.


Innovative Programmes.


We offer innovative programmes that educate and engage everyone in your business which helps to create a healthy and safe environment.

Our programmes are offered either on-site in an interactive workshop format, or online utilising our custom designed online courses.

Every business needs to comply with the Health and Safety law, no matter what their size.

  • We focus on Harm Elimination as opposed to Harm Minimisation

  • The legal status of a substance is irrelevant

  • Understanding the effects of drugs on the human brain and body is vital

  • People are better able to make good decisions when they have accurate information



‘Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the best seminar that I have attended since being with this organisation. It will certainly provide me with a good knowledge of what to look for while doing my job. Top presenter, and will certainly be recommending others to attend his courses.’

Alby Simpson

‘The best 4 hour presentation I've ever attended. The quality & content was very easy to understand, had high impact and kept my focus and interest. The balance between DVD/commentary & demo was great and the hand out material was excellent.’

Debra Tutua

‘The visual presentation of videos, resources were excellent. I have been to a number of Drug & Alcohol seminars, and the content has always been around facts and figures, boring stuff! This presentation was informative, enlightening and definitely useful in terms of my role when visiting whanau in rural areas.’

Sina Davis

"As I commented before this course was a real eye opener. They were very knowable about the drug and I like the way they showed the effects on the users and the people around them. It was an awesome course and I hope that more people get to experience it!"

Christina Vaevae - Mainfreight

‘The presentation gave an excellent overview of the problem and a good awareness of what to look out for. This should be something that all staff and their families have access to viewing. The training is perfect as it is a real eye opener.’

Kevin Walker - Fletcher Easysteel Palmerston North

‘The comments from the staff since your presentation have been nothing but positive and have certainly now given them the confidence and the professionalism in dealing with possible customers affected by this drug, but more importantly the dangers or indicators to look out for when they do visit properties. I would like also to let you know that since your training the region now has a zero tolerance towards 'P' and we will be enforcing this rain, hail or shine.’

Kani Edwards

“You explored key issues facing our young people of today in any society and highlighted the implications this lethal drug can have on our community. Your ability to mix light humour with pertinent and somewhat sombre facts helped with the processing of this information. On behalf of our school community we would like to sincerely thank you, Dale, for this well received presentation about Methamphetamine. Thank you again for taking the time out of your schedule and evening to share your knowledge in this way.”


We attended your talk in Timaru yesterday - WOW it was so informative, eye opening & empowering.

It was very timely actually as last week we had a tenant evicted for non payment of rent & turns out the reason for this was she was dealing meth, we had only had this tenant since October last year, and it all went downhill at New Year when she met the wrong guy, had her kids taken off her & everything, we turned up to evict her & the police were there doing a raid....enough for supply.  Found out today that our Meth Test was way below, which was a big positive.

We can now go into properties with our eyes wide open & what signs to look for. Just really wanted to say how much we enjoyed it & keep up the amazing work.

Michelle- Timaru Rentals

“Dale’s presentation was provocative and engaging. We have had great feedback from many who attended. The content provided a foundation of what to look for around methamphetamine usage, particularly in homes with children, and was backed up with relevant statistics for our region. Insightful, informative and interesting – a must for the wellbeing of families, and those working with them in their homes.” 

Amanda Hawker - Te Rito Collaboration, South Canterbury