About Methcon

Our aim is to reduce the effects of methamphetamine and other drugs in the workforce in order to prevent loss, protect profits and manage risk.

MethCon Group provides drug educational on-site training for businesses to ensure that an employer's legal responsibilities to the workforce are met, while protecting their organisation against financial loss and reduced productivity, and empowering their staff to make appropriate, informed and considered decisions about methamphetamine and other drugs.

We also make ourselves available to communities and government groups with our informational, engaging, and well-presented seminars. Either onsite or at our venues

The MethCon Group Philosophy

As a company our philosophy is to address the issue in a proactive, inclusive and tangible way. Training and general awareness are a crucial component for the success of any drug, health and safety policy, or drug testing regime. We believe that this extends from the newest employee to the most senior level of management. Methcon training helps your staff feel empowered, valued and become advocates for the direction the company is taking in response to this issue.

Our training packages are unashamedly hard hitting and grab attention to impart a lasting and clear message about the hazards that methamphetamine and other drugs bring to users, the company and also the community they live in.

While the training provides assurances to the employer in terms of their obligation under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, it also offers a solution for reducing the potential of lost productivity, theft, fraud and absenteeism, which can be significant where methamphetamine is concerned. All these implications reduce the overall profitability and success of your company.

Can you really afford to sit back and watch your staff or business fall victim to methamphetamine?

History has proven that if you ignore this problem it won’t go away...but chances are that your profits will.

Get in touch with the Methcon team today and we can discuss what form of training would best suit your business, school or community group.