• Unpredictable, changeable moods
• Severe depression – loss of will to live
• Repetitive, meaningless, purposeless
• Paranoid
• Delusions of grandeur / power

• Disinterest in previously held interests
• Confused / disorientated


• Skin sores, spots, leathery grey/pale skin
• Sunken eyes, dilated pupils
• Rotten, discoloured teeth, lip biting, tongue clicking, teeth grinding
• Speaking quickly, incessant talking, voice quiver
• Sensitive to noise and light
• Excessive sweating
• Tremors /convulsions
• Inability to sleep followed by very long periods of sleep
• Extreme weight loss
• Burns to finger tips
• Presence of: glass pipes, light bulbs, syringes, discarded point/gram bags, electronic scales etc

Cycle of Use

• RUSH 5-30 min
Extreme pleasure, elevated heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism

• HIGH 4-24 hrs

Delusions of grandeur, argumentative, ’10 foot tall and bullet proof’

• BINGE 3-15 days
Trying to maintain high, constant use, extreme hyperactivity without sleep

• TWEAKING 3-15 days
Following binging user can become extremely agitated, violent and unpredictable. Psychosis leads to severe hallucinations and paranoia, and behaviour becomes ‘driven’

• CRASH 1-3 days
User becomes almost lifeless and sleeps for very long periods

• WITHDRAWAL 30-90 days
(up to 18 months)
After the crash users experience severe depression, lethargy, meth cravings, suicidal thoughts. They are unable to experience normal pleasures.