Abuse in Our Community

Most people aren’t aware of the deadly time bombs that exist in their communities. Not only from the behaviour of the addicts but from Clandestine Meth Labs. Meth Labs present danger and problems to those both knowingly and unknowingly in contact with the drug manufacturing process. Methcon Group provides valuable education so that community members can recognise and be prepared to deal with these issues.

Clandestine Meth Labs

Methamphetamine is commonly manufactured in makeshift laboratories which are notoriously difficult to identify as they may be anything from a few dishes, bottles and hoses to a full scale commercial laboratory.

They can be, and are, found in basically any environment or situation, from family homes and sheds to storage facilities and commercial premises, even vehicles and boats.

‘Meth Cooks’ however, often prefer to use rental accommodation, hotels and motels to manufacture their drugs. The toxic contamination caused by Meth Labs can result in these premises being uninhabitable and condemned; a cost that is ultimately borne by the owner of the property or business.

There are many potential risks involved in entering a meth lab:

  • Explosion
  • Chemical fires
  • Toxic, carcinogenic, potentially fatal fumes and gases
  • Acid spills
  • Contamination - from buildings, soil, surroundings (contamination then transferred to office or home environments through shoes etc)
  • Syringes, razor blades, glass utensils and other drug paraphernalia
  • Guns, knives and weapons
  • Booby / man traps
  • Violent, paranoid and psychotic behaviour from clients
  • Staff being abused, injured, assaulted or, worst case scenario, murdered

While everyone is potentially at risk, the following groups of people are at high risk from the dangers of Meth Labs:

  • Residential and commercial landlords
  • Operators and staff of motels, hotels and rental accommodation
  • Regional and District council staff
  • Law Enforcement and Security
  • Public health nurses and social workers
  • First responders - such as Fire Service and Ambulance
  • Government Departments - such as CYFS, WINZ and Housing NZ
  • Contractors, servicemen and anyone needing to enter properties in the course of their work
  • Children, family and friends of users and ‘Meth Cooks'

Are you, or people you know in the community amongst this group?

Methcon has many seminar and training options available if you would like those you care about to understand the potential dangers posed by drug manufacture and use.