Abuse in Our Family

It’s often said that ‘the children are our future’. But is that future now being seriously threatened by drug abuse?

Child Abuse and Neglect

In America, many of the worst affected states report between 60-90% of referrals and child removals for child abuse relate to methamphetamine, a trend seemingly being mirrored in New Zealand, with over a 60% increase in reported child abuse over recent years.

These innocent children are often unaware of, or unable to communicate the danger they are in, and become silent victims, potentially being exposed to:

  • Aggressive, violent, psychotic behaviour
  • Sexual abuse
  • Weapons, drug paraphernalia, chemicals and equipment
  • Drug dealing, manufacture and other criminal behaviour
  • Poor nutrition and health
  • Inadequate supervision and dysfunctional home life

It is unfortunately true that around a third of homes where methamphetamine is being manufactured have children living in them. Recent research has shown that up to 90% of children removed from these homes test positive to Methamphetamine.

Unless people are better educated about the signs and effects of methamphetamine production, children will continue to be put at risk. The Methcon Group are passionate about raising awareness of this need in the community, through the MethCheck initiative and by offering training programmes and seminars. Please contact us if you would like to attend or host one of these programmes.