Educational DVD

‘Welcome to the Ice Age’ is a journey through the nightmare world of methamphetamine addiction through the eyes of former meth addicts, treatment and medical experts, along with Mike Sabin, a former Police Detective and founder of Methcon Group Ltd, a company established to provide education relating to methamphetamine.

The documentary film explains in very real, factual terms, how the drug works and why its use can cause such devastating addiction.

It exposes the truth behind the drug in a ‘no nonsense’ way and provides the viewer with the sort of knowledge that is so important in understanding the nature and consequences of use and addiction.

Special features include a series of interviews with former users explaining how they were trapped by the drug and the ultimate cost to their lives.

So ‘lock ‘n load, and learn about methamphetamine, how you can protect yourself and those you care about from a drug that has changed our history for ever….Welcome to the ICE AGE!

Special feature interviews…

  • Getting Hooked
  • The Impact
  • The Family
  • The True Cost

Approx running time 24mins

Educational Booklet

The DVD also contains a booklet with information relating to:

  • Physical and psychological effects of use
  • Signs and indicators of use and addiction
  • The cycle of use
  • Understanding addiction
  • Understanding addiction treatment 

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Contains some graphic images that may disturb. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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