Clan Lab Training

Training Package criteria

Full training sessions will require around 4 hours, with the ideal being a group of 15 to 40 people attending the training session.

This sessions are broken into 1 hour segments with short breaks in between to maximise learning potential over the entire session.

Training Content

  • DVD montage of TV3 news footage and clips relating to the methamphetamine scene in New Zealand.
  • DVD presentations focused on the destructive progression of a first time P users to a full blown dealers and manufacturers over a long periods all while holding down a jobs involving long hours, physical demands and responsibility.
  • Hard hitting highly pictorial PowerPoint covering:
  • Understanding brain function and the impact of drugs
    • Understanding brain function and the impact of drugs
    • Understanding methamphetamine – the A to Z on P
    • The physical effects of methamphetamine
    • The psychological effects of methamphetamine
    • The process of addiction
    • Addiction treatment
    • Appearance of methamphetamine and associated paraphernalia
    • Indicators and signs of methamphetamine use
    • Dealing with people using methamphetamine
    • ‘Tweakers’ - When the risks are highest
    • Child abuse and neglect through methamphetamine use
    • Signs of exposure to methamphetamine in children
    • Pervasive effects on children
    • Clandestine Drug Laboratories, and where they are found
    • Manufacturing methamphetamine, the process and its dangers
    • The chemicals and substances used and how to recognise them
    • Manufacturing equipment and paraphernalia
    • The consequences to properties, houses and the environment
    • Implications and costs of decontamination
    • What meth labs look like, and how to recognise them
    • Indicators and signs of a Meth Clan Lab from the outside and inside The Do’s and Don’t’s when discovering a suspected Meth Lab Signs, indicators and dangers of contamination How to respond if you suspect you are contaminated
  • 1 x 3 minute DVD presentation – ‘Where Meth goes Violence follows’
  • 1 x 4 minute DVD presentation ‘My Name is Meth’
  • Live demonstrations / ‘hands-on’ items relating to methamphetamine use, dealing and manufacture
  • Question and answers/ trainee interaction.

Training Aim

The aim is to provide the trainee with the knowledge, skills and strategies, in order to help identify and eliminate the implications and dangers that methamphetamine, Meth Clan Labs and ‘cooks’ bring to their working environment and their community, thereby protecting people and profits, preventing loss and managing risk.

Included as part of the training process is the following:


Each trainee receives a booklet that contains ‘must know’, key reference and ‘indicator’ information.


Trainees completing the Clan Lab course receive a certificate acknowledging their successful completion of the Clan Lab Awareness course.


A range of identification posters for key work spaces (signs and indicators of meth use, manufacture and chemicals and equipment used). These support the training content by providing everyday visual reminders of key aspects and indicators of methamphetamine use and manufacture, ensuring that the training translates into the everyday working environment and becomes a constant reminder and deterrent.


“Welcome to the Ice Age’ is a Methcon Group Limited production. It is a hard hitting and information resource ideal for educating family members about the dangers of Methamphetamine


Course Dates

31 March - 6 April 2011

What Does It Cost?

NZ$145.00 +GST per person (Refreshments provided) NZD per person

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