Onsite Training

We assist companies formulating and implementing robust drug and alcohol policies. We then train staff and management accordingly.

We offer several different training programmes for staff, supervisors and businesses who are at risk of exposure to meth users and Meth Labs. The programmes are tailored specifically for your business circumstances and are aimed at achieving outcomes relevant to your potential risks.

Methcon Group On Site Training Programmes

We currently provide four different programmes, which can be tailored for your specific needs:

  • General Staff Awareness Training
  • Supervisor Staff Awareness Training
  • Meth Clan Lab Training
  • Retail Staff Awareness Training

General Staff Training

This training provides your staff with a comprehensive understanding of methamphetamine, and other addictive drugs and their effects and impact on the user, their lives and their employment, and how to recognise the tell-tale signs of use and manufacture.

Our Aim
To provide employees with a level of knowledge, awareness and deterrence that creates a degree of protection and prevention for them, their family and their employer.

Supervisor Staff Training

In addition to the General Awareness training material, we ensure that all Supervisors have an understanding of the impact of methamphetamine and other commonly abused drugs on the company, and how to recognise, respond to, and prevent staff members from using and also manage those that do. This should be tied in with your company's health and safety and drug and alcohol policy.

Our Aim
To provide Supervisors with the knowledge, skills and strategies required to successfully identify and manage the risks that methamphetamine and other drugs present to their workforce and their company.

‘The presentation gave an excellent overview of the problem and a good awareness of what to look out for. This should be something that all staff and their families have access to viewing. The training is perfect as it is a real eye opener.’ - Kevin Walker - Fletcher Easysteel Palmerston North

Meth Clan Lab Training

In addition to the General Awareness training, we provide specialist training for staff that could be at risk of exposure to the dangers of a Meth Lab. Participants will learn about the manufacturing process, what to look for and what to do if they discover a Lab in the course of their work.

Our Aim
To provide participants with the practical knowledge, 'tools' and strategies they need to make meaningful assessments about the people they are dealing with and the environments they are entering, so they can identify and respond to risks to their health and safety.

‘The comments from the staff since your presentation have been nothing but positive and have certainly now given them the confidence and the professionalism in dealing with possible customers affected by this drug, but more importantly the dangers or indicators to look out for when they do visit properties. I would like also to let you know that since your training the region now has a zero tolerance towards 'P' and we will be enforcing this rain, hail or shine.’ - Kani Edwards

Retail Training

In addition to the General Awareness training, we provide specialised training in equipment and substances that retail outlets sell and unwittingly supply to 'Meth Cooks'. We also teach you how to identify and manage the dangers that they face.

Our Aim
To provide a level of knowledge, awareness and deterrence to help prevent people purchasing legitimate retail items and using them for illicit purposes, and thereby exposing staff, clients and the community as a whole at risk.

In addition to these training programmes, we also offer key note seminars for conferences and meetings, and specialised presentations for secondary schools.