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This seminar is designed to provide owners, management and staff with information about drugs from a 'Real World' perspective. Small and medium sized Business's, unfortunately, are at the front line of New Zealands drug problem and it is vital that staff understand the facts about the impact of drugs on our society.

Methcon Managing Director Dale Kirk is a keynote speaker experienced in speaking at conferences and meetings across New Zealand.

Dale's involvement with Methcon started in 2007 when he became a sub contractor educator, before moving on to become owner operator in 2010. He is a former Police drug squad detective with extensive experience in illicit drug investigation, Methamphetamine clandestine laboratories as well as other alcohol and drug related crime.

Dale is passionate about continuing to provide high quality drug awareness education. His ultimate goal is to eliminate the demand for drugs in New Zealand. Drugs are like any other commodity. They rely on the basic economic model of a supply and demand model. For too long we as a society have relied solely on initiatives focusing on the supply of drugs e.g. Police, customs, legislation.

Methcon believes the key to reducing the harm to society from drugs relies on focusing on demand as much as supply. In other words, by providing people (particularly young people) with accurate information about drugs we believe that they will naturally choose not to use. Take away demand and supply and demand will reduce accordingly.

Methcon aims to provide a level of community knowledge and understanding that can help reduce the risks and implications of drugs to individuals, businesses and the communities we are all a part of.


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Location: Distinction Hotel, Whangarei
Date / Time: 23.01.2020 09:00
Price: $189 plus GST

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