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Create a Drug Free workplace with Drug Smart seminars

Want to know how to promote a drug smart workplace culture while meeting your Health & Safety obligations?

Drug Smart seminars by Methcon help you create a drug safe and compliant workplace.

Since 2005, we’ve provided drug education to businesses like yours throughout New Zealand, helping create a proactive approach to drug education and safety.

Drug policies - your business, your responsibility

No matter how big or small your business is, you’re still required to comply with NZ workplace safety legislation . If an accident caused by or involving drugs occurs at work, if you don’t have policies in place, you may end up facing expensive legal action.

Cost effective seminars to keep you Drug Smart

This is where Methcon come in. We’re NZ’s only specialist drug education company who are passionate about changing workplace culture around drugs. We believe that education is the key to this change, so we’ve made drug education seminars accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Monthly seminars

We understand that for smaller businesses it’s often not practical to send all your staff on training at once. That’s why we offer monthly seminars in the major centres throughout NZ, giving you the option of sending one person at a time. This gives you peace of mind that your staff are all on the same page, while minimising disruption to your business.

What we do

We’ve designed seminars to help you and your management team develop drug policies, educate your staff on the real impact of drugs and give you the tools to create a proactive, drug smart culture in your workplace.

Our training is delivered by experienced former police detectives and educators delivering a holistic approach to drug education. They will discuss the impact of a range of drugs such as: methamphetamine, cannabis, alcohol, MDMA, synthetic cannabis and cocaine.


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Recent Drug Smart references

"Awesome presentation by a fantastic presenter."

"Well presented, relateable. Good to have a trainer with actual first hand experience"

Location: 173 Spey Street, Invercargil
Date / Time: 04.12.2019 09:00
Price: $189 plus GST

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