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As a parent, are you OK with this approach using YOUR tax dollars?

The New Zealand Herald story regarding the promotion of “10 ways to keep well if using meth by Massey High School is an example of how we, as a society in New Zealand have missed the boat when it comes to drug education. This is why we, as a society need to do something drastic […]

The ‘meth babies’ have grown up

Te Tai Tokerau Principals Association president Pat Newman has raised the issue of the insidious effects on children and families as a result of the Methamphetamine epidemic that New Zealand has been in the grips of since the late 1990’s. Pat Newman is telling it like it is. The Methamphetamine epidemic is inter-generational. In the […]

‘P’ (as opposed to Pee) found in high levels in Whangarei wastewater

High levels of methamphetamine have been found in Whangarei’s wastewater treatment plant. What does this mean? Methamphetamine, MDMA/Ecstasy and cocaine have been found in the wastewater since monthly testing began in August. Until now, reliable data about illegal drug use has been difficult to obtain. Wastewater testing provides a cost-effective, timely, non-intrusive and accurate measure […]

SME’s running serious risks by not taking drug and alcohol policy seriously

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), which are classed as having up to 20 employees are extremely vital part of the New Zealand economy. According to the latest data from Statistics New Zealand, they account for: 97 per cent (487,602) of all enterprises 29 per cent (599,880) of all employees an estimated 26 per cent of […]