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Why choose online training?

Methcon training courses are specifically designed to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) provide the same level of training and safety as larger organisations. Staff can complete the courses at a time that best suits them and the business. They can be completed at your own pace and staff can review lessons as often as required.

Businesses can also record when staff have completed the training. This is crucial in case of an incident in the workplace requires a Work Safe investigation. They are ideal for companies with staff on multiple sites or in remote locations. Both mobile-friendly and device compatible – IOS and Android apps are also available.

Online Training Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for shift-workers
  • Require minimal downtime
  • Track and record activity
  • Location independent
  • Mobile-friendly and compatible

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Methamphetamine Clan Lab

General Awareness

The course provides the Student with all the necessary knowledge to identify signs of a lab and to be able to make safe decisions for themselves.

Dale Kirk
Price: $79


General Awareness

An in-depth understanding of methamphetamine and its effects.

 Dale Kirk
Price: $59

Cannabis and Synthetics

General Awareness

This course provides the student with factual non biased information about Cannabis and Synthetic Cannabis helping the student to make informed decisions about its use and effects.

 Dale Kirk
Coming Soon

Alcohol and prescription medications

General Awareness

This course provides students with the facts about the “legal” substances that can have a devastating effect in the workplace.

 Dale Kirk
Coming Soon